Our jewelry shop allows us to repair, remake, reset, and can fix anything wrong with almost any piece of jewelry, without it ever leaving our store.

We are proud to provide the finest jewelry repair service in the Fresno area. You can rest assured in the knowledge that the same jewelers that create custom works of art are the very same jewelers that will repair your precious heirloom, engagement ring or other piece of fine jewelry. Add to that the comfort of knowing that your jewelry will be secure in our vault and not shipped to a person you have never met, and you will begin to understand why the Lewis Diamond Company team takes great pride in being able to help you, by providing this wonderful service.

We Specialize in:

Ring sizing
Tightening in stones
Stone setting
Custom jewelry
Changing of watch batteries and links
Pearl restringing

Here are a few pointers about caring for your pearls. Remember that once pearls are damaged, they cannot be repaired. A chipped diamond can be re-cut. A ding in a gold bracelet can be polished out. But once they are chipped or damaged, pearls cannot be repaired. So you only have one chance to take care of them. Pearls should be restrung every 3 to 5 years depending on wear. Proper stringing with the right products will greatly reduce the danger of damaging pearls.

Our pearl restringing services are $2.00 per inch knotted, $1.50 per inch unknotted, and takes approximately a week.


Don't let your wallet come between you and your engagement. We'll work with you to meet your needs no matter what your budget is. Visit our showroom to complete a credit application.


We're here to make you happy. If for any reason you decide not to keep the ring you purchased from us, just bring it back within 30 days for an exchange or refund. (Excludes: special orders, altered, or worn items.)